Events and News – St John The Baptist Parish Ferntree Gully

Covid-19 Summer Guidelines offer some significant and very welcome changes – Indoors: Allowed for up to a cap of 150 people plus one faith leader with a density quotient of 1 per 4sq.m.- In our church – the density quotient has been carefully measured, and allows us 110 attendees. It is not mandatory to wear a fitted face covering during worship and prayer, but if the required distance of 1.5m between persons cannot be maintained, fitted face coverings should be worn (indoors or outdoors) unless there is a lawful exemption not to do so, or for children under 12 years of age. Hygiene precautions must continue to be maintained
throughout; Bookings are no longer necessary,
Please arrive 15 minutes prior to Mass, to sign in and sanitize. You can read the latest guidelines on the Archdiocese Website at: 25-18Jan21-UPDATE-COVID_19-GENERAL-LITURGICAL-GUIDELINES.pdf (