The following information is provided for couples wishing to hold a wedding at St John the Baptist Church, Ferntree Gully.

While we do not charge a hire fee for the use of the Church, a customary offering, according to your means, is gratefully received. This offering will go towards electricity usage, air-conditioning, silk flowers for the central aisle, use of organ/piano (arrangement with a musician would have to be made by you at your own cost) and for a Sacristan to set up prior to your wedding.


Bookings –


The Church can be booked in person or by telephoning the Parish Office on 9758 1029 during office hours Monday to Friday 9am – 3pm or via email to [email protected]


The general procedure for booking a wedding at St John’s is as follows:

  • Make a tentative booking at which time we require the names, addresses and all phone numbers of both parties
  • Find a Priest or Deacon to celebrate your wedding
  • Obtain a “Permission to Marry outside the Parish” letter from your current Parish Priest for the Catholic parties. If the Parish Priest is your Celebrant, there is no need for a “Permission to Marry outside the Parish” letter.
  • Please complete our Booking Form and return the Form to us.
  • Offering / donation for the use of the Church is payable prior to the wedding.
  • Telephone the Parish Office to book a rehearsal time, if required, usually the week prior to the wedding.
  • The throwing of confetti, rice or petals etc is not permitted both inside and outside of the Church. Bubbles outside the Church at the conclusion of the ceremony are permitted.
  • Consumption of alcohol is not permitted on Church property at all times.
  • Advise whether you would like silk flowers up the centre aisle beside the pews.

Subject to availability of the Church, a wedding can be transferred to another date and time. If you wish to cancel your booking, please notify us immediately.

Wedding times – Saturday

  • 11am
  • 1pm
  • 3pm

Weddings can also be celebrated during the week, subject to availability of the Church. The allocation of the above wedding times will allow couples and their families approximately one and a half hours use of the Church for their wedding. This includes the internal preparation of the Church, time for the Nuptial Mass or Ceremony and provision for photos after the ceremony.

Conditions –

As the basis of acceptance of your booking at St John the Baptist Parish, Ferntree Gully for your wedding we ask that you note and agree to the following conditions:

  • Couples are normally expected to be married in their own parish  St John’s Church is here, first and foremost, for the use of the parishioners of St John the Baptist, Ferntree Gully for Parish worship. In accepting your booking, our expectation is that you will respect the usual procedures and practices of the Church and parish life
  • Seasonal parish decorations in the Church relating to the time or celebration of the liturgical Year (sacraments, lent, advent) must not be changed or removed for weddings
  • After your Wedding, the Church is to be left as it was found.

Legal Requirements –

It will be necessary to complete the bridegroom/bride forms provided to you by your Celebrant which include the following

  • A full birth certificate, not an extract (passport is acceptable if born overseas);
  • If Catholic, a certificate of baptism
  • If previously married, evidence of dissolution/nullity All documentation will need to be returned to your Celebrant. These documents are not required by St John’s but are dealt with between the wedding couple and their Celebrant.

If you have any further queries regarding weddings held at St John’s please do not hesitate to contact the Parish Office during office hours on 9758 1029 or via email at [email protected]

Please contact the Parish Office with your enquiry. At least six months’ notice is required.  An application form can be downloaded from the parish website or collected from the parish office. 

Download Wedding Application Form PDF

You can submit your completed baptism form below.

  1. Please download the Baptism Application Form PDF from the link above
  2. Complete all required details
  3. Go to File > Print and set destination to Save as PDF
  4. Attach the completed PDF to the request form below.